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Happy birthday to you too Garrett! Well, think I'll probably keep the cooking indoors then since smoking ain't too good of an idea. I wish I could make good buttermilk catheads, but I just can't yet. I can make a damn good milk gravy with grease of whatever animal, but biscuits, no way no how. Dense lumps and no fluffy.

I may end up doing that red wine idea or white wine and mustard and throwing in some heavy cream to thicken 'er up. Now that would be some bread sopping goodness with some mashed or roasted taters.

I got duck fat too so I may get that in the rabbit cookery somehow instead of bacon. I got so many ideas swirling I can't get em all together and where I wanna go now. LOL, just wanna get it right since I've never had it and it ain't cheap from what he said even at a Chinese place. They do butcher and freeze them there though so that's nice.
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