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Most ppl on this site haven't got a clue how restaurants prepare their menu. They have never been in a restaurant kitchen.

Just like the original poster to this topic who thought most BBQ trucks smoked their ribs in a truck

You can tell all the posters on this site who said they love Tony Romas ribs.....

Or the hundreds who walk into a TV BBQ Pitmasters restaurant near me

they are eating oven baked liquid smoked ribs.

BTW the next time you eat pasta in a high volumn restaurant, enjoy it cuz it's been cooked a day or 3 before. You can also enjoy the warm rolls and butter that have been on a previous diners table along with the salad from a big bowl who everyone puts their hands into. Yum. The list goes on and on.

And, thats from a "good" restaurant. already knew that.

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