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Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
NOT NO BUT HELL NO!!!!!!! Auburn is where my heart lies in football. Alabama can stick it where the sun don't shine as far as I care. I am also a UAB fan since I take classes there, but tailgating at Legion field just ain't the same and UAB football just isn't serious at all. It's not supported by hardly anyone and that sucks. War Eagle though!

I knew there was something I did like about you from your post on Vitual Weber & as well as something in common - we both hate that university down the road. Yes tailgating at LF is problematic but that's what you get when your BOT doesn't care for your program nor 1 of the other universities (UAH) in the 3 university system & you're stuck at a century old stadium run by the gumps of the same ilk. Now if we could only get our own stadium things would be a different matter . I tailgate at the UAB games & a fan of it as well as employee.
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