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Originally Posted by Vision View Post
I liked the bill to mandate new construction in CA had to conform to Feng Shui principles. Or the time the guy (now Obama's energy secretary) wanted to paint all of the roofs in CA white to reflect sun back into space...therefore fighting global warming...
Well, there is no bill requiring Feng Shui that I know of. Of course, I am just a landscape architect who has worked on hundreds of building projects over the last 30 years. I will say, if you build an office building in CA and do not consider Feng Shui, you are going to lose half the real estate market.

As for white roofs, yes, almost all of our commercial and public roofs are now white or light gray, it is hard to argue with lowering your cooling costs by as much as 60% by using reflective roofing. Further, the white elastomeric roofing is proving to be almost 100% leak proof over the past 15 years, saving huge amounts of cost in maintenance.
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