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Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
You realize that is exactly what gets some people's panties in a bunch over Noah and PBC. Drum cooking & hanging meat has been around for a long time. PBC didn't invent it. But they are making money off it.

I don't see any issues with selling them by anyone. It is taking a design that has been around a long time and selling them. PBC makes a nice product for the right price. Therefore i own one. Maybe they tweeked it to get it just right, but lets not kid ourselves into thinking they did something revolutionary here.
Originally Posted by Lazybones View Post
Not to start too big of a flame war, but isn't the PBC a knock-off of the UDS? Drums have been cooked on for ages, it's not like the PBC guys invented this amazing new form of cooking. While the guy doesn't need to be selling the drums with the liner, let's not rake him over the coals for making a buck just like the PBC guys.


I knew that was gonna be the response to my post..

I am NOT talking about the hanging method of cooking or the method of cooking in a barrel. Anyone can do that.

Here is what I was getting at...While the guy IS doing the two methods from above, he is also selling (for commercial profit and gain) a barrel that is 90% identical to the Pit Barrel. Sure a few cosmetic differences exist and it is 55gal instead of 30 but he basically copied the overall design and is now selling them.

Again, I'm not saying that Noah invented the UDS or revolutionized the "cooking with hooks" method or that the PBC is the end all be all of cookers. However, you can't deny that this guy is building something that is oddly similar to the PBC, which Noah owns the rights to. Its just something that I think should be questioned.
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