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Default A week's worth of "FREE" scores!!

Last Saturday I went to my sisters for a birthday party and my BIL told to come outside he may have something I wanted. From prior experiences I didn't have high hopes. Then got out to his shop and out in the middle of the floor sat a 18.5" weber. Told me it was mine if I wanted it cause when his neighbors moved a few weeks ago they left it behind. Thanks old neighbors!! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361471846.579970.jpg

Normally at work I'm always out in the field on a job somewhere, but was in the office today helping bid some work, and the boss man showed up (my FIL) with box of all kinds of stuff in it where he had been cleaning out the shop. Told me and another guy to take home whatever we wanted he didn't think anything much was in it. I found a Bud light weber smokey joe. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361472130.619942.jpg
I never run across any deals so I'm a happy camper right now!
My arsenal, Stumps Clone, Two Modified offsets, open pit with grate and rotisserie,UDS, Weber One Touch Silver 18.5" kettle, Chargriller Pellet Grill, 36" Blackstone Griddle
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