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I buy all of my meat from the local Bells store...I know I've talked about it a good bit on here but it's the only REASONABLE place to get stuff like ribs and butts from. They cut their own meat and wrap it up themselves. I went up to Walmart to get a brisket last night and they were out, had plenty of dino bones but no brisket. Went over to Ingles to see if they had any, and they had mousepad sized flats for about 20 bucks a pop. I had to put my eyes back in my head...

I'm not sure what rank of beef (choice, select or prime) that Bells carries, and I'm inclined to think it's choice because there is indeed some marbling...but the pork they carry is usually always WELL marbled and just fall apart tender.

For any of you in the Athens GA area, there's a little country store out in Statham at the 82 and 211 intersection that has GREAT prices on meat. I bought some CAB top sirloin steaks out there and to this day, was one of the most tender steaks I've ever cooked...which may not be saying alot LOL
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