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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
I'm not really talking the "copyright" of the UDS but more so the idea that this guy is basically building a 55 gal sized PBC copy and selling it for his own commercial gain. I mean, he has his own webpage to boot, so clearly he isn't just doing it as a one or two time thing to rake in a bit of cash.
You realize that is exactly what gets some people's panties in a bunch over Noah and PBC. Drum cooking & hanging meat has been around for a long time. PBC didn't invent it. But they are making money off it.

I don't see any issues with selling them by anyone. It is taking a design that has been around a long time and selling them. PBC makes a nice product for the right price. Therefore i own one. Maybe they tweeked it to get it just right, but lets not kid ourselves into thinking they did something revolutionary here.

Anyway, red liner huh. Epoxy typically has a low melting point. I think this is different than zinc bolts. I wouldn't want to try it. But, i wouldn't be surprised to learn that it doesn't off gass untill like 800* and we've all been overreacting. That's what forums are good for. also. We need Bigabyte to test it.

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