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I have many 1st place rib trophies from my traeger. The best being 1st of 108 entries. I guess that's why Todd johns of plowboys is so famous, Because he close to swept the invitational on 2 mirror image fec 100's. And people think that Pellet grills can't cook, lol. There is undeniable proof that pellet grills win alot more than people think. I know that on pelletheads, some of the top 10 ribs intue jack and invitational we're cooked on pellet poopers. Actually there is a thread goin on right now abot fec vs backwoods where the competition guy liked the fec pulled pork better.
In this case sir, that particular pellethead didnt know what he was doin. Anyone that has ever eaten my pellet pooper food has said it was the best ever. Got lots of trophies to go along with that claim, in Tx of all places.
Let's take a step back for a second. No one here said that pellet grills can't cook or that pellet grill owners don't know what they're doing. My opinion is that food cooked on pellet poopers just isn't smoky enough. I even see owners of $3,000+ pellet poopers on other bbq forums asking for tips on how to get more smoke flavor into their meat. I couldn't care less about what competition judges or cooks look for in their bbq. This isn't about who's smoker is better. It's just a matter of opinion. Hell, all bbq is good bbq as far as I'm concerned.
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