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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
Costco had a 2 pack of butts but they didnt have the bone and were some what half cut open

brookshires (grocery store for those who might not know) had a real good 8lb butt with bone in that i swear even coming out of the fridge i look at it wrong and it pulled apart with ease.

havent tried krogers or sams yet.
Originally Posted by GMDGeek View Post
Used to have the same problems - did a lot of shopping around in the Dallas Area.

Tried 2 different butcher shops (both carry wagyu if you get those):
Rudolph's Market & Sausage Factory - good selection and clean
Hirsch's Specialty Meats Plano - good selection and clean

Problem is both are a bit of a drive and prices a little steep for me. Just starting out and wanting to get the practice in that I need without the wife screaming and blowing cob webs out of my wallet. So I went with a KCBS membership and started hitting Restaurant Depot and can say I have not been disappointed. Had to look around their meats a little and if I didn't see what I needed I just asked and they went and found for me. Be careful when you get ribs from RD though - I started getting the full rib and trimming them down myself. Costco is my backup for ribs and brisket. Haven't found a good backup for Pork Shoulder though. Tried Costco and Sam's and of the 5 times (3 Costco and 2 Sam's) I've used them when I get home and get the packages open its been disappointing. Weird cuts had been done to both shoulders.
seems we have the same outlook on Costco's shoulders...

oh my Rudolphs is in downtown, that might be something i check out real soon
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