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[QUOTE=jmoney7269;2376717]But this discussion is not asking about acorns. It's asking about a char griller pellet grill. Who's fit and finish are horrible and it has 50+\- temp swings ............... IMO you comparing a chargriller pellet grill to a gmg is like me comparing my Pitmaker vault to a vertical brinkman. It's just not in the same league. QUOTE]

jomeny, I dont question your expertise on pellet grills by any means. You are the one who brought gmg into the discussion. You are correct - this thread is about a chargriller pellet grill. I simply stated that I would buy one. You compared it to gmg by saying its better to spend more $$$.

That may be the case, but there are tons of people like DubfromGA who simply aren't comfortable spending extra money on a product when they may be perfectly happy with a lower priced option.

I own 2 bge's, and I have cooked on an akorn. I dont think they are in the same league, but is an akorn a good product for the price? sure it is. I dont think people who buy an akorn actually expect that they are getting the same product as a bge. Just like people who buy this pellet grill wont expect the same product as a gmg.

Chargriller has obviously done a decent job of making high-end type products available for consumers who arent willing to drop serious money. Lets take this product for what it is, a step below gmg, rectec, trager, etc. and give it an honest evaluation.
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