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Originally Posted by iceman72475 View Post
Thanks for the input. So it sounds to me like it is personal preference. .
amen brother. I tried running mine with sand but now only run it empty (save for the foil I put in it to ease clean up).

Originally Posted by iceman72475 View Post
it sounds to me like some of you are beefing up the water pan to act as a better heat deflector.
more like a heat sink than a deflector. When I ran mine with sand in it, it was near impossible to hit 325 for poultry and I used a TON of fuel. Running the pan empty deflects the heat so it cooks your food indirect and I can hit any temp range I need.

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Does the wsm run hot?
no, not unless you instruct it to. I don't run a water pan in my wsm, mini wsm or PBC (although I will try on the wsm this summer to see if I get better bark as mentioned by bigbellybbq).

You can achieve pretty much any temp you desire by leaving the top vent wide open and adjusting the oxygen intake with the bottom vents.

The WSM has a very small learning curve & as you stated, 99% of bbq is personal preference. There is a ton of info and friendly people to guide you, but just try different things and have fun with it. You've just bought one of the best bbq pits on the market!

Originally Posted by iceman72475 View Post
I would think you could just close the vents on bottom a little more to reduce temp..
yes. As is true with any fire, reduce the oxygen and temps come down.
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