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I'm enjoying the leftovers of the second brisket flat I smoked. It was 7 lbs and the first was 5.5 lbs.

Nothing added to either other than OakRidge Black Ops rub.

Fat side was down on both.

I smoked them at 225 with lump & fist sized wood chunks (hickory & cherry). I wrapped in foil at 150 the first time and 170 the next. I prefer the bark on the second. It took about 2 hrs / pound at 225 for them to reach 199-201 when a toothpick went in with no resistance all over.

There was a ton of juice in the foil on both. Even after each rested for over an hour the amount was unreal. I sliced them and poured it right over them and served it up.

Amazing flavor. My family loves these. Great when served sliced or diced up in a sub roll with Head Country sauce and sharp cheddar.

My only advice is to plan for 2 hrs / pound if you go at 225. Both of mine stalled between 150-158 for 1.25-1.75 hours. It was crazy, but I'd been warned this would happen and to stay calm and ride it out.

I have no experience with points or burnt ends.

Good luck. Allow plenty of time to get it done and rested.
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