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Default Advice for a newbee brisket cooker

Hi brethren,

So, I got this brisket for the weekend set up. Its allready defrosting in the fridge. Its a 5lbs IBP Point which is allready trimmed of the most fat, only the cap is on. It's for 4 ppl in total, don't worry, there will be salad also

What do u guys suggest on this brisket? Going low and slow? Ive seen people suggesting to go a little hotter @ 300F as cooking at 225F would dry it out to much on a "small" piece of meat like this. Personally the point I got is almost as thick as a chuck I cooked once @ 225F which was heavier (allthough from european cattle) and it came out just great pulled. So I can dispute that opinion also. Im planning on a to pack the brisket with some butter in foil. I also got paper for in the oven, is this the same as butchers paper?

Im aiming on a smoke with a combination of Birch and Hickory. The Birch I got is in flakes, the Hickory are chunks. What do u guys suggest; go for both or just one?

On to the way I serve the brisket; go directly all out with burned ends if its done or cut little wider slices than you would with a flat? Im normally making a tomato based bbq sauce myself, do u guys think thats the right sauce for ends?

Thanks for you reply's!

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