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Default A money question

This is mostly a UDS question, but other smokers absolutely apply. How many of you built/bought your smoker for a good price, and slowly added add ons to it, to realize down the road you have spent a lot more money on this than you ever expected?

Example, my UDS cost me about 80 bucks to build. Then i needed a bigger basket, then i needed different venting system, then i needed another venting system, then i needed a table on it, then i needed a weber lid, then i wanted to paint it, etc.

All of this has happened over about 2 months. I jsut kept saying, oh its only gonna be 15 bucks to add the table, oh im good found a weber lid on CL for cheap, and this and that. Then i added it up (something i shouldnt have done, and suggest you dont do) and realized im up to like 200 bucks. Where did this money even come from!!!!

Is this a common occurrence for you guys also?
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