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Default Brisket question i havent found an answer to...plz help

Just spent all day reading every thread in this Brisket Bible....however i have a question that went unanswered.

This weekend I am taking a stab at a 12.9lb choice brisket. I invested in the pink butcher paper that Aaron Franklin uses. I am going to wrap at 5-6 hrs depending on internal temps but i was wanting to know if i can finish the brisket in the oven for another 5-6 hours wrapped in butcher paper.

I am certain i do not want to use foil paper. Can i put a pan with some water under a paper wrapped brisket in the oven?

If i MUST maintain a fire for 12+ hours, i will. This is my 3rd cook in my hondo offset and 5-6hours at 225 is no problem, i am just nervous about 12+
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