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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Is this similar to your cooker? We call it a GOSM and I started out with one too. If so, forget about the door temp gauge (If you haven't already). It can easily be off by 50 degrees or more Get a decent remote thermo. Also, the chip holder doesn't have anywhere near the capacity you want. (If it's one of those 6x6 jobs) Get an old 3 lb steel coffee can and place it above the burner just like the chip box. Use the chip box lid to top it off. Fill the can with smaller chunks, not chips, and they will last much longer. Don't soak them. You'll get a decent smoke without having to replace the wood as often. Also, the water pan might be too small (If you use it) so a decent depth stamped steel cake pan will work much better. GOSMs are really nifty little smokers and can put out great food!

Oh, and a good wind break doesn't hurt and helps keeping temps more stable.

And, great advice for the actual food has already been posted. Welcome!
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