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Thank you.
I had a small amount of masonry experience but am pretty handy. I have a friend that had more experience than myself, so off we went (beer(s)and legal pad in hand). I have no plans, just used ideas that I found online (Forno is a good place to check out).
I have a list of receipts but have not compiled them yet.
With the pavilion, brick smoker and Tuscan grill, all the costs kind of run together.
I plan on closing the thread when the project is done with those details of the build.
I did by from a wholesale source for most of the build supplies.
If I had to guess on the materials alone for the pizza oven alone, I would GUESS about $800 (wholesale), keep in mind it is not quite finished yet.
Time, well no real way to guess since it didn't happen all at once and there was "Beer Thinking" and lots of spectators along the way.
Many of the materials except for refractory mortar, portland cement, concrete mix and pearlite (for the insulation) can be found used (reclaimed), unwanted or leftover on CL.
ALL our component and supplies were new or unused.
All the brick for the outer wrap of the entire project we got for free, just had to re-stack on pallets and bring home (about $4000 worth). (plus about 8 cans of wasp spray, long story)
Hope this inspires you,
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