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Originally Posted by Tommyboy48 View Post
Go by internal temp, not just 6 hours. If you are smoking at 210, its gonna take longer than 6 hrs to smoke that puppy. Get some bbq books and read up, its how I learned. Also, understand that bbq is work if you want to do it right. I happen to think the work is fun and rewarding! Good luck! Also, there is no right answer for anything. There are many ways to get it right, just find what you are comfortable with.
Bigfredlab, good start, and welcome. I completely understand your start. Way back when I started there wasn't this web-thing. I had to read books, and came away with the idea that the lower, and the slower, the better. I too had to learn the hard way that nothing is farther from the truth.

Funny thing about cooking in that 210 range, because pulled pork doesnt happen until it's usually 195 minimum internal temp and more like 200-210. It's REAL REAL REAL tough, if not impossible, to get the internal temp of meat that high when that's the cooking/air temp.

For this reason, they've all said above look at 225 as an absolute minimum to be effective, and really look to cook in that 240 - 270 range. If it goes up to 300, dont worry except for perhaps the sugars, but that's not always the case depending on lots of factors (like which sugar you're using). I used to really sweat keeping a very tight temp range. Dont do it. Dont sweat that. Set it in that 250-260 range and let it cook with some variances up and down. You'll get good fall off the bone tender pulled pork at roughly 1 hour per pound, give or take.
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