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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
Well I know for me I didn't start getting walks in chicken till I started cooking them directly over lump in my UDS.
I have also seen Howard Muniz of orange maple cookers take several first place walks on chicken on nothing more than a fully lit charcoal chimney of kingsford dumped in a old smokey, no wood for smoking. I honestly hate smoking with kingsford. But since so many people grew up with that taste, it's widely known. I didnt start winning briskets till I put just enough to give a slight charcoal flavor. Prob 20 unlit briquettes to a 10 lb bag of lump. It breaks my heart every time I do it but my last 4 comps of 35-46 team fields I have went 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 1st.
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