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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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I just went thru all of this over the last year. I ended up utilizing Kingfisher Kookers in Oklahoma for my build. Granted ours got a bit out of control, but maybe this will give you an idea of some direction. We are all NSF approved, completely self sufficient and up to par with CO, FL & PA health code. - I should have a gallery of pictures up this week... start to finish.
or check out the kitchen build @
Hope this helps...

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Thank you all for the info. The ABS Judge looks very nice. As do the Ole Hickory.

I would think Food Trucks would be hard to park in the first place, then add a pull behind smoker and you may be limited to where you want to park. Are there recommendations on a smoker that is contained in the truck?

Yes they are hard to find a place. We are doing alot of industrial lunch time and dinner time serving. Pluss all the festivals on the weekends and catering. We have about 5 smaller cities that all abutt each other and each has its own rules so it has been an adventure so far. Finding a spot you can be at on a regular basis is the key. There wont be to much of parking in the city on the main downtown roads. Alot of stuff will be prepared already out of our comessary for the day. Such as pulled pork and chicken and italian beef.
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