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Originally Posted by JandJbuidasmoker View Post
That looks amazing! How long did you cook it for and what temp?
THx brotha, 350 no lower then 300 it cooked in 3 hours and 30 min I held it in a cambro wrapped in butcher paper for 5 hours lol I know it's hard to read with all this meat in your face but the whole process is worded on the first page brotha

Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Yeah after my buddy told him what the real deal was, the belligerent went back to his camp all butt hurt and did the worst thing you could possibly do to someone. He filled his whole firebox up with wood got it going an closed off all the vents. Never seen so much smoke my entire life. Didn't bother me one bit, just went inside the fleetwood an finished all of my prep. Finally after so many people complained of this guys behavior, the promoter came over and told him what's really up. A first and final warning of his behavior. Once he was over at the guys site he said "man who taught you how to build a fire? I thought you were a champion that cooks in Houston?" he winked at me then told him
To open up the vents and cook right or he can pack his stuff up this very instant and leave. ooooh yeah! Anyways lol
Yeah we are signed up already. My wife and I are doin the 3 meats + 3 jackpot entries. It's funny when we see people scrambling for turn in compared to someone that practices and knows their checklist. We have done as many as 8 turn ins on one day. Heathers a slave driver! I be da slave! Come on down we can crack a few beers, bring the bruiser too if you like. I'm not much company during the cooking process, but after 4 the leftovers in the Cambro are up for grabbs and it's party time!

Y'all sound like good folks brotha I'll see what I can do I already know about the day of the comp, I'm about business when money is in place as I believe you are to. I can easily sit back and keep the king of beers cold and not shig a dam thing. I've got something in the works right now and I don't want to jinx it, it would determine if I can go or not I'll let you know later this month about going and what I'm referring to, hell I'll share it with the whole site if it happens
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