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Default Canadian Bacon, via AZ....oh boy....

so here there i am, at my wife's gramma's place, and she's cookin up some canadian bacon for breakfast... and it smelled gooood, i thought to myself....*self* i havent had CB in a long time, so i whipped up some and twas nice...

Then i get back to my lil ole, desert town, and get a craving to git some done myself...oh you'd think it would be easy, nay nay, this is Sierra Vista, these stores dont have the required ingredients.... those essential curing agents.... not a SINGLE FARKIN STORE in this lil pissant town had ANY TYPE of curing agents.....

but after i ran around the entire town lookin.... alright Bob... i didnt run.... i dont run....Drove around the entire town in and out of every store we have here.... i remembered gramps uses it in his salmon smokin' habit he has. He acquired it when he was last in Bemidji, MN (goes up there for the summers to take care of the family farm) He saved the day. So i picked up a couple cups of the stuff from him....

At first, in the dim room i thought he was pullin' my leg, the stuff he pulled out in the old tupperware container, looked to be brown sugar, so unbelieving i reached in, and grabbed a pinch....oh boy... i couldnt have been more wrong.... that's some nasty chit mang!!!... DONT do that... believe the old gramps when he tells you it's curing salts. (to be specific, it's Morton Sugar Cure)

Morton Sugar Cure is a tricky mothra farker ya know.... specially to some one who's never seen it. and i searched here, and seems not to be of much i'll share a lil site i found in lookin to find exactly what it was... learned what #1 and #2 were as well as tender quick and the like.
this place helped me figure out what's goin on in my lil new world of curing.

it seems that it's the same as TQ with sugar added, so im gonna treat it as such with some recipes i've seen here on the Brethren site, as well as Morton's own recipe site.

I'll be startin with a 4.5 or so lb pork loin, it's too late to start it tonight, so pics will come tomorrow, when i get it trimmed up, and rubbed down.

I think i want to go with a dry brine this time around, seen much positive reviews, so this is where yall come in, chime in with your expertise, pros and cons of Morton Sugar Cure (it's all i have right now, so im gonna use it but still would like to know what you know) This time around im goin for simple, plain ole canadian bacon.

Lemme know!!!
Til next time, chew carefully, and dont let your meat loaf!

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