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somebody shut me the fark up.

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As already said, the BBQ basics are

Rub meat
Place on smoker
Smoker temp should be at least 225 and works best up to 275, but can even be up to 300. At higher temps, you'll want to be careful about burning sugar in the rub.
Cook until probe tender. A temp probe or skewer should slide in with little or no resistance.
A good rest time will only help your situation. You can hold cooked meats for HOURS wrapped up in foil and towels and placed in a cooler.

Personally, I prefer sauce on my pulled pork. I just don't sauce until it's on the sammich.

I also use foil a lot during cooking. There's no right or wrong here. Do what you like. Some foil, others never do and some (like me) do when the mood or the need demands it.

There are only really a few big hard fast rules to BBQ:
1. If you're lookin, you ain't cookin. Keep that lid closed. Mops, bastes, spritzes will only lengthen cook time. The benefits are usually outweighed by the negatives.
2. Tenderness comes only with the proper rendering of connective tissue and flavor gets better when the fat renders out. These things both take time.
3. It's done when it's done.

Good luck and welcome.
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