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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by ToddM View Post
Very nice, your posts always amaze me.

We raised pigs and goats when I was a lad (4H), the goats were mostly for dairy purposes but you know when you get those young bucks ... not much of a future in dairy for them. BBQ goat rocks, especially when you can get a young un.
Todd Thank you!! I bet those young dairy goats were tasty. Nice to hear you're familiar with raising your own meat too.

Originally Posted by coyotero View Post

Youve made my mouth watered, cabrito hum-mm!, my favorite, a misunderstood delicacy, food for the gods and not just anybody can cook it the right way.

YOU DO!, and I respect you.

A stipple of south Texas food

JV you are very kind!! Thank you! Means a lot to me coming from you.

Chicago, thank you!!

Originally Posted by Hoss View Post
I am ashamed to admit,,I was about to pass over the post when I read the title.THEN,I saw who posted it and could not help but check it out.WOWZA!!!!! Glad I did.IMPRESSIVE! Learned a lesson too.Never underestimate any post on this forum!!!
lol Hoss I'm glad you checked it out. Thanks friend!

Thank you Jsperk, Westy and GL!!
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