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Originally Posted by shucker View Post
I like mine medium. Cant go any less done than that. GUess Im a wuss and definitely in the minority here. Not trying to hijack - but question for you guys that like yours this an acquired taste or how youve always eaten steak? I grew up eating steak on the burnt side of well, but over the years have slowly acquired a taste for a little bit of pink, so I dont think its out of the question that Ill be eating a medium rare steak in the next decade. I just cant get past that "raw" texture.
when i first met my wife she liked steak burnt to a crisp, i actually hated cooking them for her, i felt like i'd rather cook chicken for her. i've since converted her to medium rare steaking eating....but it took me 6 years to show her the light. medium rare really is more tender and juicy. i suggest trying to slowly eat pinker steaks until you are comfortable eating like GTR the advice above about eating it in the dark is actually a good idea, you'll see.....
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