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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thank you MisterChrister and Blue!!

Originally Posted by fingerlickin' View Post
Holy moly Jeanie, that looks awesome. I'm glad to hear you still have some leftover. I'll be over as fast as I can.
Jason Thanks! I'll leave the light on for ya.

Originally Posted by rcbaughn View Post
Cowgirl, you are inspiring to say the least. I'd give anything to have goat to try, I've never had it before and I am obsessed with trying new things. Is it close in flavor to lamb or mutton? I love my meats gamey if they can be so I'm hoping goat is (then again I'm not because I'll be even more hard pressed to find some to try)!!!
Thank you!! hmmmm... the younger the goat the milder the flavor. Also in my opinion, meat goats like the Boar breed aren't as gamey as some of the others. Depends on what they have been fed too. I would say it's more like lamb than mutton.
Hope you give it a try!

Originally Posted by gtr View Post
Jeanie - you are a national treasure!

I've been wanting to cook goat - love the looks of that right there!
Greg you are sweeeet!! Thanks friend!


Originally Posted by Vision View Post
What does goat taste like?
It's closer to lamb than anything else I guess. A fairly mild flavored meat. The younger the goat the better.

Originally Posted by Thermal Mass View Post
That really looks great! Great blog by the way, jealous. :-)
Not to hijack but goat is not popular around here and we have never had it.
What to look/ask for what not to get?
Thoughts appreciated! Thanks, Thermal
Thank you Thermal, I appreciate you stopping by my blog too!
I recommend getting a meat breed and a young one. They have the tastiest meat. Not sure if that's much help to you, hope you find one in your area.
The Boer breed is popular here.

Jason thank you!!
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