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Default Direct cooking on a Pitmaker BBQ vault

Yesterday I spoke to George about my new idea of a direct cooker BBQ vault. His reccomendation before I brought the vault back to him to be modified for a removable drip pan, try this. Take out your fire basket, make sure the drip pan is pretty clean, remove rack 1-2 and set the fire basket on the bottom grate slide. Preheat as normal and then fire the coals with the torch. He mentioned that Craig sherry does it with his safes so I had to try it. Kept the pit around 350 and got back that live, direct roasted flavor that I like from the UDS. Cooked the chicken on the 4th rack. Definitely a experiment vault or safe owners should try. The two downfalls are racks dont cook nearly as evenly and if your vault is sealed very well like mine, when you close the door hard to seal it good, you blow ash all over the inside of the pit. DOH! I like my pit as free of grit on the cooking chamber as I can get it so this experiment is a pass/fail ordeal for me. Fun experiment though.
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