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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks friends!!

Originally Posted by Fishawn View Post
Pro! .... Get her a TV show please
lol Still wish I had a hunting/fishing show. Thanks Fishawn!

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
That all looks great Jeanie, only had goat a few times. Never had yucca, that I can remember.
Thank you Bob! I like yuca, kind of like a potato but has a sweetness to it too.

Originally Posted by garzanium View Post
Looks good. We have a place here in Austin called Texican cafe that has some fall off the bone tender cabrito. It seems to be steamed... really good, but doesn't have any smoke:( still, tons better than the Cabrito I have had in Mexico that is usually tougher since it's usually cooked over an open flame

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Thanks garzanuim! I like it steamed a bit too. The friend who raises the goats likes to fry strips in oil with peppers and onions and just eat it in a hot tortilla kind of like this...
It's good beer drinking food.

Originally Posted by Tonybel View Post
Tacos de Chivo look delicious!! Where's the salsa?
Thank you Tony! Didn't need any with the goat meat drippings...and I tried something different with the nachos. Sprinkled them with smoked cheese, then a good bit of Slap Yo Daddy Chicken rub, minced scallions...then a squeeze of fresh lime juice. I loved it!

Originally Posted by Bro-be-que View Post
i love the 'cowgirl' grate in your drum, btw. great looking cook!
Thanks Bro-be-que! Matt at Meyer Metal Works made the grate.. He's a Brethren too!

Thanks everyone!!
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