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Default Suggestions building smoker/grill from well pressure tank?

WARNING - I am not an experienced welder/metalworker, but do have a welder and am willing to try.
Oh first post, too.

My 64gal well pressure tank sprung a leak last year and I had to replace it. While the old one was sitting in my shop - ready to be thrown out, I thought "that looks like a smoker."

I cut/ground a lid off, welded some legs to reinforce the rusty base, put some pipe (I used galvanized...maybe a bad choice?) at the bottom where the elbow blew out - where the water entered the well and put a flange on it so I can bolt up a fan.

The next item to modify it to turn it into a vertical smoker was to put a 'lip' where the top and bottom meet up so I can have a solid base for them to meet at, and to put some fiberglass gasket for a seal.

I bought some 1/2" flat stock, thinking I could roll it into a circle and weld it on the edges (see the drawing below). But after looking at that, I don't think it's possible to roll it that way (sideways?). I'm trying to figure out a way to put a lip on these edges that will stay flat for a good mating surface. I also need to fabricate a pretty hefty hinge system because that top lid will be too heavy to lift off/on the smoker.

Has anyone made something like this before? Any suggestions?

Here is what the tank looks like:

Here are a couple pictures after trying to come up with some hinges. I was just looking at them work on the boards they are glued to in the pictures. Was thinking about putting rod between where the hinges come together wit a heavy-duty spring on it for some dampening effect (if it's possible)

1. 22.5" Weber Silver 1-Touch. 2. A project - 64gal well pressure tank turned into a smoker
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