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Default Cheap Performer Wire Rack Replacement Mod

Recently I "scored" a Performer off of Craigslist. The thing was filthy and missing some accessories, mainly the wire rack. This had a pretty dramatic effect on the stability of the grill, so I tried to come up with a cheap way to replace the wire rack. Here is what I came up with.

First pic showing the starting point.

I got some PVC with end caps drilled a hole in the caps ran a carriage bolt through the existing holes where the rack used to be. Secured them with a washer and nut. The other side I used the existing screw.


Then I cut two peices of PVC to 31.5 inches and did a dry fit.

Painted the PVC using some Krylon fusion that I had laying around and got it put together.

The really improved the side to side stability of the grill but the front to back stability was still lacking. I had an extra 25 inch segment of PVC left over that attached at far end to help with that.

The plan (once payday hits and I can some more PVC and paint) is to continue these cross members for the length of the grill making a small shelf, replacing the non-existant wire rack.

Thanks for Looking,


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