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Sounds more like you need to fashion a shelf above the fire basket in that thing and use the pizza stone as a diverter like the UDSs usually have. I myself need to do that on my uds. If I am not careful I burn **** up because once I remove my lid those twin one inch inlets get to acting like a forge.

I hate to do this because I painted the damn think and it looks like a 57 Bel Aire.... I hate to drill another set of holes.

Anyway.. a nice diverter mod would be good on that PBC. If ya don't wanna drill holes get some small chain from HD and hang a low shelf from your hangers and support the stone or a Potted Plant thingy... forgot what they are called... you set the pot on it to collect any water drips... they are shallow.

Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Here's my take on this. When I first got the spice wine I was cooking in front of the house, and I with a chimney on the sidewalk. I left it there for 5 or 10 minutes to get hot, it was a full chimney. While inside the trailer prepping the meat I heard a loud explosion and looked up just in time to see the chimney launch off the sidewalk and all the coals inside it fly all over the street and lawn. There was a divit on the sidewalk the width of the chimney and about an inch deep. It seems the heat coming out of the bottom of the chimney cause this concrete to react. Now granted that I doubt the bottom of a PBC or UDS gets as hot as the bottom of a chimney but I don't know for sure where the line is that would cause the concrete to react like that. Im pretty sure that the entire escapade is documented here in the forum and someone, I believe it was Mark came up with a reasonable explanation. With that being said I think I'm going to get a pizza stone or something along those lines to put under the PBC. For the most part it will be left in my pit area which has a pea stone base which would be ok, but right now until the snow melts its right outside my door on the deck. The Green Egg plate setter worked perfectly but I prefer to have that inside the egg instead of sitting on the floor on the deck. A pizza stone is a cheap alternative.

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