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Man Austinknight, that guy looks like he could put some pop knots on someone. Better keep feeding him well, don't want that one mad at you. I have a best friend I have been bbqing with for a long time. He's where I learned alot of my chicken secrets from. Sometimes he cooks and sometimes I cook at the house. But he's definitely one that will stand up and say "what the ---- man!" to someone if they get out of line. Good to have a friend around like that. The funny thing is that "the belligerent" went whining to my buddy 1 site across and was like "dude you need to tell your buddy to calm down, I was just tryin to help, I'm just here to have fun." Jason said "he dont need no help, you'll see. I'd get pissed if someone came over to my camp and started shiggin also"
I will take one awesome great friend any day of the week over a bunch of decent ones. Smoke on brotha! Maybe one day we can meet up at a cookoff. They got a big lonestar sanctioned coming up in Lagrange mar 8-9
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