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Default Chivo Goat Leg Tacos

A friend of mine who is a farrier, also raises boer goats. He gave me some of the meat awhile back and I finally dug them out of my freezer and cooked them on the drum.

I made a marinade using
Garlic powder, paprika, pepper, rosemary, thyme..
also A1, worcestershire sauce, bufalo chipotle and water.

I coated the legs with the dry ingredients, then placed in a baggie and poured the liquid on top. Chilled in the fridge overnight.

placed in the BPS drum (with the marinade) at 275F with a kiss of mesquite.

made a batch of refried beans..

parboiled some yuca root and fried the cubes in butter...

after 2 hours I added beef stock, foiled the meat until tender...

it was fall off the bone tender...

the meat was soooo tasty!!

I made tacos that night...

then made goat meat huevos rancheros the next day...

and last night I made goat meat nachos for supper..

I have some of the meat left over, not sure what I will make next.

Really loved this. My favorite goat recipe is underground goat but this was just as good. Will make it again.

Thanks for looking!
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