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Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
Back on topic,
Phil, did you have any worries about loosing your ribs since you didn't foil? I'm not a foil'er. I've been wondering about how best to do ribs and butts. I figured both would get pulled off the hooks and onto the rack. But, that sort-of defeats the space benefits of the PBC and I might have to cross my fingers and hope I have enough charcoal for a large butt.
Just to add in with what Phil noted..

I'd be more worried about losing the rack of ribs if you DID foil them. The outer layer of bark is what I think really helps keep the ribs intact and gives it integrity when hanging on the hook. Foiling the ribs really hurts the bark and would make it difficult to get the ribs back on the hook and stay there. I've done a couple racks of ribs on my Pit Barrel and never foiled the ribs. Still turn out great.

About the butts..(this kind of goes out to Poobah too) I did a 9lb shoulder a few weekends ago and had no issues at all with it being too heavy or needing any other kind of support. I used four of the hooks just to be sure it would stay but could've gotten away with 3 or maybe even 2. However, I didn't leave it on the hooks until it was done. It stayed on the hooks to 165 IT and then was foiled and placed on the grate until 200 IT.

Just my thoughts for the stew..
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