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Originally Posted by AustinKnight View Post
Shots of the point
Best part of a brisket if you ask me or any Texan that loves them some peppery smokey fatty beefy brisket. Anyone know one?

The idiot that came over bothering you, ya shoulda stuck a foot in his arse. I had a drunk baffoon come over and try take over my chicken prep and "show me something" because "he has cooked In the rodeo" at my last comp. I almost tied his fatt butt in a knot when he tore one of my breast skins. I got real pissed at that point and said a few choice words and demanded he leave my site and never return. He was just shiggin! Good thing I switch out all my rub bottles and marinades. He probably actually thinks I'm Cookin my chicken with McCormick garlic, chile and cumin! Amd marinade in texas pepper jelly rib candy Lol we got 3rd again he didn't place again. Brisket looks aweeesuuuum!
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