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Default Tony Chacheres injectable marinade Vs. My own cook off!

Ok folks I've been working on duplicating the Tony's butter injection. So first we got some fryers and injected one with one injection and the other with mine and let rest over night. Then I added my own "cluck rub". Want a cheap rub shaker? I use Blackburn preserves and when the bottle is empty I poke holes in the top and it holds almost exactly 2 cups.

Dusted the chickens and let them sit in the fridge for another hour and started up the smoker.

First time with the new $48 Master Forge thanks to burntbutt. Filled the bottom with a combo of Stubbs hardwood briquettes and some forgot the name lump. Started my chimney and sprinkled the hot lump over the charcoal in the bottom pan.
I did notice after an hour I was at about 300-313* so I would like to add a damper to the top for more control.

Put the chickens in with the probes and began smoking with Applewood

After about 3 hours I pulled them
I know a few burn edges, next time I'll put the rub on thicker aswell

Best of all we threw it on styrofoam plates and plastic forks like us country folks do

Smoker performed great I would like to add a rack in the bottom below the coals for ashes and I would also like to add an Air damper on top.

Big question is: who's injection was better?

Well both had the same moisture, Tony's was more buttery but mine had more flavor. So we called it a draw. Hope you enjoyed.
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