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Default Stoker wifi problems.

I have the Stoke black box and have had it for a year or more. Actually I'm on my second one and I'm still having problems. The problem; I start it up, it connects to the wifi and everything plugs along great for a couple of hours or so. At some point in the cook, my monitoring devices be it the Stoker interface, the Stokemaster app, or Stokerlog will lose connection. I go out to the unit and check to see if the IP address is still there, and it has zeroed out (see photo below). I turn the unit off and reboot and the IP addy will come back. I've had his problem for a while and whenever I talk to the boys at Rock's BBQ, they tell me it's anything but the unit. I have cable Internet and bought a high dollar Linksys router so I dont think that is affecting it. I finally went to a computer systems and repair shop and got a computer guy to check it out. He recommended I set up a static IP addy. I changed the channels on the router to get a less busy channel and he came over and set up the static IP for me. Per Kevin at Rock's advice, I was going to run a 24 hour test with no 3rd party apps to see if it dropped the signal. I didn't need 24 hours as it dropped about 4 hours into the test. I got my computer guy to call Rock's and he said Kevin reluctantly agreed to replace the board and the antenna in my Stoker. So that leads me to today. Just shipped it out UPS and now I wait with the expectations that the same thing is gonna happen when it does get back. Anyone have the same problem or have any advice on how to maybe correct the problem I have? I sure could use some advice as this is quite annoying.
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