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Default Pull Behing Smoker ?

Hope this is in the right forum. I did search and didn't come up with much so now I refer to you knowledgeable Ladies and Gentelmen.

I am starting a food truck and catering buisness after success in the backyard and then onto some weddings and party's. We purchased a food truck gonn threw all the government channels and have secured buisness.

I before used all of my backyard smokers and now need a bigger commercial style pull behind. I live in North West Illinois and have been researching and come upon a few retailers

HEARTLAND COOKERS AND SMOKERS is one I seem impressed with and there 3660 Rotisserie. I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them? Are they good smokers for commercial useage? Are the good to use in the winter time? We will be doing this all year round. Pro's and Con's? That sort of thing. I would love in input from anybody. Thank you in advance with the help.

Or doesn anyone have any other company I should look at.

Thank you all for your help and the support I have recieved in the past from this site.
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