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Found some matches.
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Default Great cheap UDS cover

Hey guys, I searched quite a bit for UDS covers and I hadn't seen this yet, so i figured i would post it here. It may have already been discovered but its been great.

It seems as tho brinkman has designed a smoker cover just for us UDS guys. It fits perfectly length, width, and the top is even domed for anyone using a weber kettle lid. My only gripe is that it fits so snug and it has elastic. You actually have to squat down and pull the elastic band over the vent holes in the bottom rather than the "throw it on" covers for a weber grill. It is cheap, but much better than the garbage bag material cover I got for 9 bucks with my weber.

and if you dont have a home depot

Here is what it looks like with my smoker (weber lid)

Thanks for all the help building my first UDS

Please ignore the crappy Lowes gas smoker in the background that will never be used again and cost 150 bucks
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