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Default BBBacon and BriskyBurgers in Gravy, UDS pron

Here's a nice story about a Sunday smoke and my love affair with my UDS
Started off with firing her up for the buckboard bacon.
Looks like Lil red wants to jump in

Then I had to admire the glaze on the underside of the lid

Cut this roast from the middle of a butt I had cut up into coutry style ribs and ground some into sausage. Cured for seven days using the tenderquick and sugar mix.Smoked at 180-200 to an IT of 150 degrees

Here is it sliced after a cool down period

But I regress. As the BBBacon smoked away I pulled out this small thin nine pound brisket from the local meat shop. The intention was to grind it all up but I couldnt resist taking out a piece of the flat for cornedbeef/pastrami curing

After grinding the 1/4 pound brisky burgers go on the UDS which has been ramped up to 250 or so

After an hour I set the burgers in a bath of warm gravy. MY kids call this salisbury steak but call it what you want they are yummy

Back on the UDS for another hour and dinner is served. Sorry for the leftover V-day tablecloth, I guess we were busy this week. Also my plating pictures had to much glare so something has bee left for the imagination.

Thanks for looking all
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