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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Ok, don't bust my nubbies for not posting pics, I was having too much fun cooking on my 1st UDS I just finished this weekend. I'll post some when I can take some decent pics on a sunny day.

Anyway, here's my evaluation so far:

Mine has two 1" ball valves for control. The 1st thing I cooked was some rib tips with Walkerswood Jerk paste and butter rubbed on them. I lit the top of the charcoal basket filled with Lump and a few hickory chunks mixed in with my weed burner, then let it sit outside the barrel for a few minutes. With both valves wide open, I lowered it in and closed the lid. It quickly rose to about 350. I closed both valves a little at a time, waiting about a half hour in between, until it hit about 250. Put the meat on and waited till they were done. I left them on a little too long, but instread of being dry, they were still tender, moist and delicious.
The next thing I tried was a tri-tip for the 1st time. I added some more coals, lit the top and this time, really let it heat up and left it wide open. By the time the Tri-tip was done, the whole coal basket was lit, and the temp was about 475. Here's the amazing part. I wanted to throw on a fattie (slit in half so it would cook faster) and a few brats. I put them on with it still running very hot, closed the lid and set the valves to the same setting it was running earlier at 250-275. I went inside, ate some tri-tip, and forgot about the fattie and brats. When I finally remembered them, I thought for sure they would be burnt beyond recognition. To my surprise, it was cruising at 275 and the meat was cooked perfect. Remember, the whole basket of coals was on fire. I'm not sure how that works, kinda defy's the minion method. So I pulled the brats and fattie and shut her down. Anyway, I am very impressed to say the least.
Thanks for this thread!!
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