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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
Can your uncle give you any verbal help as to how to use that cooker? Do you have a time constraint that precludes you cooking the ribs in more than one batch or even a day before so they could be reheated on a grill? Any pictures of that barrel?
As far as my dad and uncle know he always just used a small hibachi for the coals and slid it in. And i could very well do it in batches, and keep the done ones wrapped in a cooler. And no pictures.

Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Hanging ribs is not a huge problem, just make sure you don't over cook them. The real problem is not being able to see the cooker, gonna be hard to explain how to run it. 12 racks is going to be a lot to fit into a 55 gallon drum, when you say barrel, do you mean a steel drum or something larger?
That is my worry is cooking times, and not wanting them over cooked. Its a 55 gallon steel drum. Even though on the pbc it doesnt seem a problem of the ends cooking faster at the coals. maybe i can wrap then in foil after about an hour or something.
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