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Default I'm gonna need some help.

Well long story short, my grandpa died about a month ago, and were having the memorial, celebration of life, and all that jazz next weekend in sac town. He used to be big on bbq, grilling and smoking; so thats what were going to cook. And guess who got lumped with cooking 12 racks of ribs, this guy. My uncle was in charge of it until a grinder accident at work left him, mostly unable to do it. So i have a week to prepare, and to figure out how his barrel works, without having it. Its not a normal type it has a large hole in it that another part slides into with the coals (i think). And there are no racks just two bars and hangers. Could i fit all 12 racks in at once? any other suggestion for doing this on unfamiliar equipment? Also, any tips on cooking them in the hanged position?
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