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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post
There is a blood vein that runs along side the bone.
If the chicken was not bled properly, which most of them are not, it will hold quite a bit of blood and can not be cooked out.

I got a DQ because of this for thighs that temped at 175-180 + because the blood was still there.

For chicken prep, either in comps or at home, I take a moment and run a knife along there. Remove the vein with tweezers and cook on.

Just "ugly", not unsafe.

Thanks Tim... I had heard that 'kosher' chicken will not yield this because it has been bled and cleaned differently. I'll eventually get one and check to see if there is a difference. But since I still have some of the thighs that are giving me issues, I'll try your tip as well. :)
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