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Default Joining a Team Just to Learn

Hey guys! I am a smoker of younger age and novice experience and very interested in trying to find someone who would let me tag along for one of their cooks. I'd be very happy to the the bi*** of the team and do anything that anyone else doesn't care for! Being 25 I know I have a lot to learn about a lot of different things in life, and I would love to try and up my game on smoking and maybe one day have a team of my own. Maybe pick up some other life lessons along the way! LOL.

Anywho, I'm located in Birmingham, AL. Anyone who is close to there let me know, I'll be glad to be the go to boy for running around and being a side helper. I don't want any credit towards the cook at the end, I just want to leave with a better understanding of the comp circuit. I have a guy on the Weber forum that I might get to do Stokin' with here in Bham in August, but anything else I would be glad to be involved with. I'm ready and willing to work my ass off.

BTW, I didn't know if this was the place I needed to post this, or if it was frowned upon, but I am very interested in learning more and excited from what I have learned so far from the site and what I might be able to gain from someone who has done it for years. If this is an unacceptable kind of post, please take it down. I do not want to do anything that might offend anyone or break the rules of this site.

-Cory Baughn
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