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The wife and kids like SBR. Right now I am working with Curley's hickory for a sweeter, thicker sauce and Coopers Old Time sauce for a thinner, more vinegarry sauce.

You see, I have this addiction, that I need to come clean with. Every time that I go into a new BBQ joint (and with a lot of recent work related travel to Texas, there have been many BBQ lunches) I always come out with a bottle of the house sauce. Probably have about a dozen unopened bottles right now. And since I need to use up that sauce, it forces me to cook more cue at home! I keep saying that I am going to stop buying more sauces, but I can't!

Oh brethren, how can I stop this slide?

P.S. I think that it is time to crack open that bottle of sauce from Blacks in Lockhart, TX
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