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When I get my Lion Setup I will write an in-depth How-to on how to set up the WIFI.

It can be confusing, but I feel I need to come to Mr. Wang's defense, he is a developer and NOT a tech manual writer. He thinks like a developer, so his understanding of the system is totally different than a common user.

I used to write software, I started way back with a Commodore 64 writing in basic and saw terms like peek and poke, yes these were valid programming terms. a few years later I started write addon packages for a Linux firewall project and learned some different terms. I was trying to learn to write in PERL, BASH, and just a little C++. It gives you a whole different understanding how a program works when you get under the hood, and turn the nuts and bolts.

Seting up my Growtronx system it really helped that I had a back ground in programming, it helped understand the logic and program flow to get the policies working.

(Just for info Growtronx is a grow room system that is very flexible, but the learning curve is steep.

I understand his English is not good, but his English is MUCH better than my Chinese. I even have problems ordering General Tso's Chicken down at the local drivethur. LOL
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