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I have been building drum smokers for many years.(I think I am on the 4th page of the massive UDS thread) So I do have some experience. I think I have built around 25 smoker so far for myself and friends.
The best design I have to date is 4 -7/8 inch intake holes and 6 equally spaced 7/8 inch exhaust holes on the top. Just seems to work the best. Why 7/8 inch.....size of a 1/2 inch NPT slug cutter.
I will say that I built 4 IDENTICAL drums three years ago for a chicken wing cookoff and all four of them cooked differently for some reason. Not that much different but I had to adjust each one differently during the cookoff.

Just my $0.02. There is no BEST design....just find what works for you and cook enough to "learn about" your drum. The ones I equipped with a fan and PID controller could control temperature on the dot but what fun is that!
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