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I'm all about knowing my pit. I know exactly how my vault runs according to how it's loaded down with food. I really only need the guru for cooks when I'm not around. I just choke down the intake to limit draft and the fan creates any additional draft needed. So I have ready emailed George at Pitmaker. I do not use my water reservoir whatsoever, so here is my plan. I'm gonna go take it up there next week and they are gonna cut out the drip pan leaving 2" around the sides. Mounting holes are gonna be drilled so that a new removable drip pan can be fabricated and bolted down to cook larger quantities of food when smoking
With this mod Which I'm gonna call the "comp mod" it can be converted to Essentially a big arse UDS. A solid shelf will replace the expanded metal bottom shelf for people that still want their indirect cooking. I just miss that flavor I grew up on, that true BBQ'd flavor and not just smoked. I'm damn excited boys!
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